Random Thoughts & Things About Me

As I get ready to write my first blog post, I wonder will this turn out the way I dream it? Do I have interesting stories to tell? Is anyone ever going to read this?

We can fill our mind with self doubt it’s a fairly easy thing to do. Why is it so easy to think negative instead of positive it should really be the other way around. If you focus on the positive it’s amazing how it shifts your mood how you see things in a totally different way. This is one reason I decided to make my own blog. Maybe I can make one story that touches someone that feels alone or wants to give up. Maybe I’ll just make someone laugh, that is my favorite thing to do besides writing is making others laugh or laughing myself.

My stories will be in no order I apologize if you want a chronological life story, my mind is scary and it goes to different places. So it will be whatever story is with me that day. I will eventually get to “how I ended up with a name nobody can pronounce” So please stick with me through the ups and downs.

I live in Nebraska, USA. I grew up in a small town but always wanted to live in the city. I am not about small town life where everyone knows you and your business. Which is ironic since I am not writing about various times in my life. I was one of two children, my childhood was average you’d say more to come on that later. I hope you will enjoy the twists and turns my life has taken. How it seems like forever to find the real me again. Stay tuned for more……

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