Do you ever have really vivid dreams? Like you wake up and you don’t know if it really happened or not. I have these every night, sometimes I wonder if this is why I always feel tired as rarely am I dreaming of relaxing. It’s amazing how the mind works really, like how you can go to another world at night when you fall asleep.

Growing up I used to sleep a lot it was an escape from my mother, which will be in another blog. When I sleep I feel like I go to another place sometimes good sometimes bad. I have had dreams that later are deja vu moments. Most times I will forget what I dreamt later in the day sometimes it shakes me up and it’s all I can think of for days.

There are a few dreams I still remember to this day. One involved my dad he had died and I was sitting at the funeral, when a voice said this is just a dream if you wake up everything is fine. I did just that and yes my dad was very much alive and still is at 73. I had this dream when I was about 10 years old, I have worried for years it would come true and had it happened shortly after that dream I know I would have felt guilt about it.

My next dream I remembered happened right before my son was born. I was 23 weeks pregnant and was put on bedrest as my water had broke. They were trying to do what they could to get me farther along, but timing is everything it will happens when it happens right. So there I was in the hospital going on about a month I was admitted at 19 weeks, their goal was to get me to 24 weeks. This was my first child, I had previously had a miscarriage prior to him. I was given the choice when they realized I wouldn’t make it to 23 weeks, I could one deliver him normally or have a C-section. If I had him normally he would for sure not make it and if I had the C-section well maybe a 2% chance he would make it. I was scared and it was a huge decision to make at 23. I was scared to have a major surgery and have the same result happen. So I was leaning towards having a normal delivery. Well that was my decision when I went to bed that Sunday night. This dream I had was like no other experience I have ever had. I was in this mansion and everything was covered in gold I mean everything. What wasn’t Gold had white around it. There were jewels, money, lavish everything around me. I wasn’t sure where I was, to this day I haven’t figured it out I don’t think I am supposed to. So in this dream I am explaining my decision to someone I never saw them but I talked to them the whole time. Maybe it was God if you believe but definitely a higher power. He then said to me you need to have the C-section you need to give this boy life, at the time I didn’t know what sex I was having as my fluid was too low for them to see on an ultrasound. He told me if I have him I would be blessed for life. He then said go tell someone before it’s too late. I woke up in an absolute panic, I yelled at my then husband to wake up I needed everyone to know I changed my mind. He was confused because I started talking about the gold room and the man talking to me, I think he may have thought it was the medicine they had me on. He said ok told me to go back to sleep. Since he didn’t take me seriously I called the nurse she came in so I told her all about the dream she didn’t seem to think I was crazy she said ok well let’s call the doctor. It was at that point I started going into labor and they already told me they wouldn’t stop it if I went into labor. So the doctor is on the phone a bit confused himself as I am screaming no I want the C-section. Once he got to the hospital he asked me again if I was sure. I said yes. So they prepped me for surgery this was the first surgery I ever had in my life, I was scared. I remember laying there as they wouldn’t put me to sleep and I was somewhat annoyed by this because on the off chance it didn’t turn out well I just didn’t know if I wanted to be fully awake at the time. Imagine my shock and I believe the doctor was just as shocked he said its a boy and he’s breathing like on his own they couldn’t believe it nobody could. Most people I told my dream to thought I was crazy, so I stopped telling people. But that is one dream that was actually life changing.

Shortly after my son was born, I lost my grandmother. I was very close to her, I was the only granddaughter for one so I was spoiled. She was like my mom because I had issues with my mom again different story for that. So there I was a new mom and had to go through the loss of the best woman I knew. I truly still get tears to my eyes when I think of her. The dreams I had after she passed were anything from she was still alive living in another state, to she was calling me on my phone, or coming to my house. I could hear her voice clearly I feel like she was really talking to me. I remember one night I couldn’t get my son to sleep so my then husband and I took shifts. He told me to go to sleep she called me on my phone, now I was sleeping this is my dream. I was telling her how tired I was and how I didn’t know what I was doing. She calmed me down and I remember saying I’m sorry for talking so long and keeping you up. She said it’s not a problem call whenever you want I have nothing else to do but wait on my ride. I never questioned the ride she was talking about. I dreamt of her every night for over a year. We would have conversations about everything just like we always did. The odd part she was telling me about things that were happening after she had passed. One night I was so tired just exhausted from everything. She came to me again in my dream to check on me. I was so tired I said to her I never get any sleep you always want to talk all night and I need to sleep. I felt bad for what I said and even worse I never had a dream about her again. I have read somethings about the person must accept their death in order to move on, so maybe that was it and maybe that was the ride she was waiting for. I still wonder though if I hadn’t said that to her would I still be able to talk to her I miss her everyday.

The last dream I will share with you is one that I had since I was a kid it was recurring for the longest time. I actually don’t have it anymore because I am finally with the man I kept dreaming about. This dream started when I was about 12 and kept coming to me almost more when I was in other relationships. That’s when it was strongest. I had this dream of this man though I could never see his face but I knew he was handsome and I knew I was in love with him. I would feel guilty when I would dream of him while in other relationships as I knew it was not the man I was with this was someone else. This man figure brought a sense of calm and peace to me. I would ask him who he was and he would say when the time is right I will tell you who I am. This was like a weird mystery for years. As everyone I had ups and downs in life. This dream was my only constant. I met my husband online about four years ago. I thought at first he was crazy and I wasn’t interested in a relationship, but there was something about him I couldn’t put to rest. I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. There were times when I even told him I can’t do this but every time I did this I felt sick. I hadn’t even met him in person yet why were these feelings so strong. Cut to the day finally came to meet him he picked me up at the airport. I am very awkward when I first meet someone so I was so nervous. The minute I spotted him walking to me I just took off towards him. He was literally the man of my dreams that is the guy who I had been dreaming of all these years. I hugged him and instantly knew we had met before this was not our first meeting. This is the first relationship I hadn’t had the dream of someone else.

Hope you found my dreams interesting, there are more but these are the ones that came to me tonight to write about. Thank you for reading and please follow me as there will be more stories coming soon. Don’t give up on your dreams!

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