Why are goodbyes so hard? I’m not talking about the ones you say everyday though you aren’t always guaranteed the person will be back but you can’t think of that daily. Just be thankful and always remember to do your best to say how you feel before you leave. The hardest goodbye is when I have to leave my husband behind while I go back to my home. Why is that well he lives in another country and right now we have to just wait for immigration to get caught up from covid. We have been approved and just sit waiting helplessly for interview for the final approval. It’s hard this process is not for the weak. Never in my life did I think the love of my life lived on the other side of the world but that’s life. Today was the day it’s the day I dread on every trip the day I have to leave. It feels like you were in this bubble for a week everything is perfect you get to be a married couple do married things and then you have to leave. Go back home where life is empty. Now sure it is 2022 and remote work is there but there safety concerns schools for kids so it doesn’t always work to uproot everything and wait where they are or I would in a second. Today really sucked as normally we have a connection to let him my husband come into the airport as this airport only allows ticketed passengers. So I went in thinking he’d be coming and bring my husband in. So I waited and waited. I didn’t see the guy who helps but I could see my husband standing outside it was so hot too. I don’t anted to tell him to go but I didn’t know if they’d let me out since I already went through scanning my bags. So I didn’t get to give my husband a goodbye kiss or hug. I know it’s not the end of the world but to me it’s huge. I drove my husband crazy because I wanted him to come back as later the guy came but it was too late my husband was on his way home. This sucks, sometimes you don’t get the bye you want and you have to be okay with that. At least there is another chance. Why did I just write all this just to remind you to always remember to do what you want in the moment don’t hold back. I just pray immigration gets going and we don’t have to do this again.

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