The mind is powerful nobody realizes how much control your own mind has on your life. It’s very easy to fall into the negative mindset and become bitter. It’s up to you to get up and decide everyday that you are going to be happy. Happy doesn’t always mean a big smile on your face most times it just simply means your content at peace. For some people myself included it’s hard to settle into this positive mindset. You feel uneasy but it’s about learning to control your thoughts and moods. It takes time it isn’t something you can do over night. The best way is to learn to let go you don’t have to control everything and worrying is definitely not going to help anything. I’ve had real growth in this mindset and it’s hard for me to get “stuck” in the negative thinking. Of course I still have negative thoughts you won’t ever be rid of them completely but it’s funny how it used to spiral out of control and now it simply only is there for a minute or two. You’re health will improve too! Until next time enjoy these random thoughts.

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