How I ended up with a last name nobody can pronounce part 1

If you were like me you grew up wanting a fairytale romance like the one in movies. Or maybe you just wanted someone who could understand you. This is the story of “How I ended up with a last name nobody can pronounce.”

It’s true what they say true love finds you when you’re not looking. The old cliche is probably the only one I’ve found to be true. One day while working I received a notification on my Instagram someone thought my comment was funny and they were bold enough to message me. At first I was like what does he want. But it was a boring day at work so I decided to respond to his “What’s up” with hey. After that I’m not sure what happened we talked for awhile just about random things. Then one of us had to go. I was like that was crazy but didn’t think too much of it.

The next morning I get a dm again from him we spent the whole day talking again about random things our lives whatever we talked. Then I was like why am I talking to this person one he lives in a country far away and I don’t even have a passport. Well I removed him from my IG and went on about my day but that didn’t stop him he still messaged me so I ignored him. Then after a few days I messaged him and acted like IG had a problem and removed me as his follower.

He added me back I still don’t know if he ever bought that cause I did it about 3 more times to him. Each time I deleted our conversation I figured he’d go away. Well he didn’t and our conversations just got more involved and I found myself trying to figure out what was really happening. Neither of us had intentions of anything more than a friendship. We learned about each other cultures. One time we both told are stories from when we were young till now. This is where it got interesting as we had the same hopes and dreams.

As months went by I couldn’t wait to talk to him. People started noticing me smiling at the phone. I said it’s just a friend but given the time difference I was not sleeping at night just to talk to him. It was worth it. After months of talking he finally confessed he was falling in love with me and when he said that I realized I had the same feelings… be continued.

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