How I ended up with a last name nobody can pronounce part 2

I did everything I had got my passport we finally decided we would meet in a new country for both of us. We decided on Kenya as it was the easiest to get a visa for the both of us. we had did a lot of planning the time came to finally book the trip. We had worked together to pick dates, the hotel just wanted everything to be perfect. We did we booked it I couldn’t believe it my heart was racing for once in my life I felt alive.

The very next day the world came to a halt literally everything was closing everywhere. We couldn’t believe it but this was March the trip we had planned was at the end of July there was no way everything would still be closed by then. Well as we know now it was in May I was notified by the travel company that my trip had been canceled due to Covid. I was devastated. I couldn’t believe I finally booked the trip and now it was canceled.

September came we finally got good news the airport would open for international travel with restrictions which ok restrictions we can handle. That is when all the preparations began we knew we wanted to get married so there was a rush to find a dress, I had to get a visa all that in two months. But then a week before I was set to leave the unthinkable happened.

Although disappointed he remained positive. He started talking about marriage and how we were just going to meet this trip and maybe plan to get married but now not knowing what the future held. We were not sure what to do. After a lot of talking he really wanted me to just come to Nigeria it would be easier he knew his way around and could help protect me better. There was still no sign of the airports opening up. So I asked when he thought I should come he picked November at that time it was June that seemed so far away. He didn’t want to book it early then cancel again.

Nigeria began a protest against SARS it had been going peacefully for weeks but then it grew violent and people had lost their lives we really didn’t know of it was safe for me to come at this point as the streets were blocked curfews were imposed. We knew we had to make a decision and it was so sad that once again we may have to delay our meeting.

A few days went by and there was signs of hope that things in Lagos would be returning back to normal. So we had decided we would still continue with our plans. To say I was nervous the night before the flight was an understatement. I literally had know idea what I was doing. Luckily I had talked to some ladies that had been there before me so they gave advice on what to do.

It was a flight to Atlanta then 13 hours to Lagos. I’ve flown many times but this was my first international trip. We hit major turbulence over the ocean to the point where a lot of people broke out in prayer. I was like wow this is great and went to sleep I didn’t know if we were going to smooth out or not. Well we did and I would safely land in Lagos he was already at the airport waiting for me.

I had hired someone to help me that one of the wives I met knew he escorted me through the airport. I was nervous and calm at the same time. I was trying to see him before he saw me. I remember my escort saying like follow me but then I saw him. This guy I spent over a year talking to for hours he was right there walking towards me. He has a definite swag to his walk. I started walking faster towards him as he hadn’t seen me yet. He then had a slight grin on his face. I’ve never hugged someone so tight before and at that moment I was home. It didn’t feel like I just met this man whe I touched him it felt like I had been in his arms before. I felt like I just got home from a really long trip that was so amazing……to be continued

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